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The Fast Food Industry Global Sub-standards

Does fast food make you fat? I go down the healthy lifestyle rabbit hole and see exciting articles in my search feed. I have read articles about how bad the fast food industry is for developing countries. For example, a new video I just found called The Global Junk Food Conspiracy by Best Doc. The video has been up for five months from the day of this post and has accumulated over 2.3 million views. The video, amongst other scary items they discover, compares the wrong fast food bad standards in Europe (France) to India, which is currently on track to be one of the fastest-growing developing markets in the world, according to The Harvard Gazette.

Fast Food Makes You Fat!

Why is this so important? According to India’s National Family Health Survey, obesity is rising.

  • 1 out of every 4 persons is obese
  • Obesity is higher in women then in men
  • Medical complications on the rise due to obesity
  • Lack of education that obesity can trigger diabetes

Unfortunately for India. If this trend of eating ultra-processed bad fast foods is not under control. According to the latest study, they may also look at a higher colorectal cancer rate, where they found a cancer link in ultra-processed food.

They Call It Progress: Fast Food Makes you Fat

Chronic Inflammation
Inflammation word cloud on a white background.

Western-style shopping centers are popping up throughout the landscape, and with it comes the American diet. Bad Fast Food companies are jumping on the opportunity to expand globally. Companies like Domino’s, KFC, and Subway are a few. Going into developing countries with less food regulation means cheaper ingredients become more profitable at the expense of unsuspecting communities.

Nothing To See Here: Fast Food Makes you Fat

Marketing plays a significant factor in getting the word out. They market how tasty and cheap these industrial bad fast foods are. However, compared to France and Europe. The opposite is happening. They sell safety campaigns to limit your intake and teach you how to eat healthier. In 2004 France passed a law to restrict the amount of effective bad fast food marketing campaigns and ensure health warnings are written to help combat obesity. Companies need to list how much sugar, salt, and fats are in each package they eat. Most importantly, the evil fast food industries complied since they were under pressure to limit the amount of these ingredients in their bad fast food. The same types of food are sold in India but with more additives than in Europe and France.

There Always A Way: Fast Food Makes you Fat

Eatting a lot of ultraprocessed foods can lead to colorectal cancer and heart disease acording to the British medical journal
Fast Food Makes You Fat!

Most of the European laws were written for traditional Print, Broadcast. Still, with the rise of the internet and digital media outlets (smartphones), the industrial food complex found a way to keep the profits rolling in. Digital media and the internet were less regulated, so target ads and other new marketing tackets came to light.

In Brazil, the industrial bad fast food complex is targeting schools with new marketing campaigns where they sponsor events promoting their products to exchange cash contributions for schools to buy what they need. Still, in so doing, the message is clear regarding what product they need to support in exchange for funds.

Follow the Science: Fast Food Makes you Fat

The documentary compared the amount of sugar in different items purchased from France and India. As you can see from the table below, items made in India have higher sugar or fat content. Why, you asked? The industrial bad fast food complex takes advantage of the local bad fast food regulation to use cheaper ingredients and additives so they can guarantee the consumer will come back for more

Menu France India
Chicken Sandwich2 grams sugar5 grams
Fish3 grams sugar6 grams
Chicken Nuggets 3 grams sugar 6 grams
Fries 2 grams Fat11 grams
Table to show the double standards in the food inustries between countries

It Gets Better: Fast Food Makes you Fat

Since smart devices are increasingly popular among kids, the evil fast food industries have teamed up with the gaming industry to create addicting apps that showcase their products throughout the playing session. But wait, there’s more evil behavior to have the next generations ready to target. They subconsciously entertain the player while showing their products precisely when they give the player the most pleasure. The brand will be established at least 5 to 10 times a session. When you progress and win a bonus, it generates pleasure hormones that make you happy, and that happiness is associated with the brand.

In the Mean Time

It may be some time before the industrial bad fast food complex sets global standards that will be regulated. Until then, educate yourself and understand what you and your kids consume. Also, be aware of the marketing campaigns that are being shown to you and what message they are sending.

And most important. Read MY STORY and see what I did to go from Fat to FIT and what I am doing to keep the weight off. Also check out If a FAT Burn Pill Really Works?

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