Losing weight with psychedelic mushrooms

Losing weight with psychedelic mushrooms and Benefits Of Magic Mushrooms

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Microdosing mushrooms for weight loss

Can you lose weight with psychedelic mushrooms? What are the best microdosing mushrooms for weight loss? If you haven’t been hiding under a mushroom, you can not help but notice all of the news stories on the beneficial effects of mushrooms. Microdosing psychedelics like LSD, psilocybin mushrooms, DMT, mescaline, and ayahuasca are becoming increasingly popular among people looking to lose weight and keep their weight gain in check. According to the Science Daily, while many people use psychedelics to treat depression, anxiety, PTSD, addiction, and even cancer, some are turning to them to shed pounds and maintain a healthy weight.

Results from the National Library of Medicine show that Psilocybin has the potential to remove the stigma surrounding medicinal mushrooms and help people lose weight and keep it off by altering neural pathways.

The clinical trials found that participants who took a low dose of psilocybin mushrooms experienced decreased body mass index (BMI) and increased self-reported physical activity.

Talk to your doctor before starting any new program to help you lose weight. Psychedelic mushrooms can provide effective treatment; however, finding the right doctors with experience to prescribe the correct amount needed to treat your weight gain might be difficult. 

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Can mushrooms help you lose weight? |
losing weight with psychedelic mushrooms

The answer is yes! As further studies have shown in the National Library of Medicine. While it may seem unlikely that something as strange as psychedelic mushrooms could be used to lose weight, they have some surprisingly powerful health benefits. Medicinal mushrooms can help you in various ways, from boosting your metabolism to increasing nutrient absorption and keep a healthy weight.

Furthermore, another beneficial effect of medicinal mushrooms has been found to suppress appetite by releasing hormones such as serotonin, which helps curb unnecessary cravings and make it easier for you to stick with healthier eating habits which will reduce your weight gain. 

Last but not least, mushrooms have also been linked to increased energy levels. Taking a mushroom blend with your protein shakes will give you an added boost of energy. Exercising more frequently or engaging in physical activities leads to losing weight.

All in all, by consuming medicinal mushrooms regularly, you can benefit from their health promoting properties while helping shed excess pounds in the process.

Best Mushroom for Weight Loss? |
losing weight with psychedelic mushrooms

Edible Mushrooms with psychedelic compounds are an excellent source of plant-based proteins. These types of mushrooms can significantly add to any weight loss plan. Types of functional mushrooms, are:

  • lion’s mane
  • reishi
  • and cordyceps

These mushrooms are especially beneficial for weight loss. They have a lower calorie content and ability to keep you feeling full for longer periods of time. They do all of that without spiking your blood glucose levels. A current study listed in the National Library of Medicine examined the anti-obesity effects of edible mushrooms. It found that they can stimulate weight loss and have protective effects against obesity-related hypertension and dyslipidemia.

Including mushrooms in your diet is an easy way to get the benefits of a high protein, low calorie food. While also helping to reduce your risk of obesity-related health issues, keep your cholesterol levels in check as well as your blood glucose levels.

To help you reach your weight loss goals try add some to your meal plan. With so many health benefits it’s no wonder why functional mushrooms are becoming increasingly popular among those looking to lose weight in a healthy way.

Lion’s Mane

Traditional Chinese medicine has been using Lion’s Mane functional mushrooms for centuries. Besides having powerful weight loss benefits, they have a unique ability to boost cognitive function, lower blood sugar levels. Lion’s Mane mushrooms contain high levels of protein and fiber, which can help keep you feeling full for longer periods of time and reduce cravings. Additionally, they contain compounds that can help to boost your metabolism and burn fat more efficiently.


Reishi mushrooms also part of the medicinal mushroom family with, history of traditional Asian uses. They are known for their ability to boost the immune system and reduce inflammation, but they also have powerful weight loss benefits. Reishi mushrooms contain compounds that can help to suppress appetite and reduce cravings, as well as stimulate fat burning. Additionally, they are rich in antioxidants which can help to protect against cell damage and reduce the risk of obesity-related health issues.


Cordyceps mushrooms are a type of functional mushroom that has been used in traditional Chinese medicine for centuries. They are known for their ability to boost energy levels and improve athletic performance, but they also have powerful weight loss benefits. Cordyceps mushrooms contain compounds that can help suppress appetite, reduce cravings, and stimulate fat burning. Additionally, they are rich in antioxidants which can help to protect against cell damage and reduce the risk of obesity-related health issues.

Can Microdosing Psilocybin Help With Weight Loss? |
losing weight with psychedelic mushrooms

A company based in Canada thinks so. NeonMind

OAKVILLE, ON / ACCESSWIRE / March 22, 2022 / NeonMind Biosciences Inc. (CSE:NEON)(OTCQB:NMDBF)(FRA:6UF) (“NeonMind” or the “Company“), an integrated drug development and wellness company focused on bringing innovative psychedelic-based treatments to people suffering from obesity and mental health disorders, announced today it has filed a new patent application with the United States Patent and Trademark Office related to a novel mechanism of weight loss targeted to specific fat subtypes.


The idea behind losing weight with psychedelic mushrooms is simple: taking small doses (microdosing) of psychedelics throughout the day helps regulate appetite, boosts metabolism, and reduces cravings. In addition, research suggests that microdosing mushrooms for weight loss might work better than traditional dieting methods.

Mind-altering experiences
losing weight with psychedelic mushrooms

Losing weight with psychedelic mushrooms
Close-up picture of a Amanita poisonous mushroom in nature

While most people associate psychedelic drugs with mind-altering experiences, scientists believe they have therapeutic benefits too. For example, PubMed studies show that MDMA (ecstasy), LSD, and psilocybin mushrooms can reduce stress and boost mood. Researchers are also studying whether microdoses of psychedelics can improve brain health and cognitive function.

In addition to helping people lose weight with psychedelic mushrooms, researchers think that microdosing psychedelics can help prevent mental illness and addiction. Studies suggest that psychedelics can change our brains, making us less likely to relapse into substance abuse and addictive behaviors. They can also make us feel happier and healthier overall.

There are several ways to microdose. For example, some people eat a few grams of shrooms, while others smoke a joint containing 10-20 micrograms of LSD. Others take a single dose of 5-10 micrograms of LSD every few days. Still, others combine both ingestion and inhalation techniques.

For those who want to try microdosing, check out Third Wave’s Microdose Course to educate yourself on the proper way of experiencing psychedelic mushrooms

How Psychedelic drugs are being used as a possible treatment for obesity

Neonmind Biosciences – Psychedelic Compounds For Weight Loss

A study published earlier this month showed that psilocybin — the active ingredient in magic mushrooms — could help people change their eating habits. In another study, researchers gave mice a drug dose and discovered it helped them lose weight.

The idea behind both studies is simple: psychedelics alter how we think about ourselves and our surroundings. They do this by causing us to see things differently. This leads to a different outlook on life, one that helps people make healthier decisions.

In the case of the mouse study, researchers had the animals eat until obese and then treat with either psilocybin or a controlled food group. The study went on for 27 days while body weight and food intake were recorded daily. Then, they compared the amount of fat in the mice’s bodies before and after the experiment. What they saw was that the mice who was treat with psilocybin lost weight compared to the control group who were not give the treatment.

A similar thing happened in humans. Participants in the Johns Hopkins study participated in a six-week program using psilocybin every week. Afterward, they reported feeling happier and having fewer negative thoughts.

But what happens when you take the drug? Well, there are some downsides. For starters, you’ll probably feel pretty trippy. You might even experience hallucinations. But those side effects aren’t nearly as dangerous as many other drugs. And unlike most prescription antidepressants, psilocybin doesn’t come with severe risks like suicide or addiction.

That’s why researchers say the drug could help obese people shed pounds.

MICRODOSING FOR WEIGHT LOSS: Best mushroom for weight loss

microdosing for weight loss

Microdosing for weight loss is a relatively recent phenomenon that has been around since the early 2000s. However, it wasn’t until about five years ago that people began talking and discussing it online. There’s no real consensus on what constitutes a microdose; some people say anything under 300 mg is too low, while others claim that anything up to 10,000 mg per day is fine. But one thing is certain, some people use microdoses to help them sleep better, while others use them to treat depression.

Other Benefits include:

  • Treatment of Obesity
  • Reduce Food Cravings
  • Reduce Food Consumption
  • Life stress

There are many ways to microdosing mushrooms for weight loss, including eating mushrooms, drinking infused teas, taking supplements with add mushrooms.

The idea behind microdosing is that you don’t want to experience the full effects of a high dose of psychedelics because those tend to make you feel wasted; you want to achieve similar outcomes in dealing with the side effects. This way, you can still reap the benefits drug’s benefits without being overwhelmed by them.

What are the best mushroom for weight loss?

The best mushrooms for weight loss are those that contain high levels of psilocybin. Psilocybin is the active ingredient in psychedelic mushrooms and is believed to be responsible for their therapeutic effects.

The most popular types of psilocybin mushrooms are:

  • Liberty Caps
  • Golden Teacher
  • B+ Cubensis
  • Penis Envy

Does losing weight with psychedelic mushrooms have other benefits? |
losing weight with psychedelic mushrooms

Losing weight with psychedelic mushrooms
Growing magic mushrooms hallucinogenic psilocybe cubensis

Psychedelic drugs such as LSD and magic mushrooms are illegal in most states. But researchers are conducting studies of these substances that could help people suffering from mental illness. Recently, a study found that participants taking low doses of psilocybin — the active ingredient in magic mushrooms — had lower levels of anxiety and depressive symptoms compared to those given placebos. Researchers say the findings suggest that these drugs might offer a novel treatment option for conditions like post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD).

Another study found on Nature.com involved nearly 1133 volunteers. Nine hundred fifty-three were psilocybin microdoses and 180 non-microdoses. They were all followed for 30 days, and those that were microdosing were shown to have small to medium-sized improvements in mood and mental health.

Researchers believe that the positive effects of psilocybin are due to its ability to trigger changes in brain activity associated with feelings of well-being.

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Wrap Up

As you can see the research behind losing weight with psychedelic mushrooms points to a change in your mood and desire to start eating and living a healthy lifestyle. When Microdosing mushrooms for weight loss it is important to educate yourself on the proper dose of psilocybin.

Basic Principles To Lose Weight

  • Determination to lose weight
  • Mindset change that you will eat healthier Foods (Eat Italian)
  • Exercise at least 30 mins a day to burn calories. You can start by joining the iFIT team and choose from a large selection of workouts from beginners to professionals or start walking, hiking, and dancing. Whatever you can do but start moving.
  • Eat smaller portions and start an intermittent fasting diet during the week, and eat mostly protein and vegetables for dinner.
  • Plan ahead when parties or family gatherings are coming up. You will need to understand that you may eat more, so eat less leading up to the event and DO NOT OVEREAT
  • Stress Eating is a real thing. I know I always do it when work, Life, or anything pops up and becomes stressful. Take time for yourself and meditate or talk to someone who is also losing weight for support.
  • Stay consistent on your lifestyle change to lose belly fat. You will have days that you may not follow that strict plan. It’s ok, but get back on your diet program and start again. I promise it will get easier.

Read MY STORY on how I was fat and unmotivated and how I was able to turn my life around and stop eating ultra-processed foods. I will tell you what I did to start the process of losing weight, exercising, and eating right. I am a regular guy who was able to change his life around, and you can too. Also check out Stop the Global Fast Food Insanity! – FAT FIT FREE, Does PTSD lead to weight gain?and Psychology of Weight Loss Motivation: 5 Tricks You Need to Know

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