iFIT Challenge: How To Lose Belly Fat

iFIT How to lose belly fat

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Losing excess belly fat and keeping my weight gain in check are my main goals when I started my weight loss diet plan. I will share my workout program from my iFIT membership that I used to lose weight and belly fat. Losing belly fat is not as simple as taking magic fat-burn pills or potions but the sheer will of deciding to start a weight loss plan through the iFIT app did.

iFIT offers more than just walking or running workout series interactively with your treadmill. It also offers other physical activities like an aerobic exercise class, strength training to build muscle mass, and weight training. Let’s read on to find out how we all can lose belly fat.

Did you know: Trans fats are one of the main reason why we have excess belly fat?

Why lose belly fat

Losing belly fat isn’t just about achieving six-pack abs. It’s also a major factor in leading a healthy lifestyle. It helps to lower your risk of developing illnesses like heart disease and high blood pressure. Those with excess abdominal fat are at an even greater risk for these serious health ailments.

In order to lose belly fat, you’ll need to reduce your overall calorie intake. As you reduce the number of calories you consume, your body will be forced to burn the excess stored energy in the form of fat. This fat comes from around your midsection and other areas. You can help speed up the process by additionally following an exercise plan that includes a mix of cardio and strength training activities.

By making small changes towards your goal, you’ll be taking an important step towards decreasing your risk for certain health problems. While also improving your overall quality of life. Not to mention looking more toned! All good reasons to take action today!

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Foods to Eat

When it comes to losing belly fat, what you eat plays an important role. For example, eating plenty of soluble fiber along with a healthy diet and regular exercise can help you get rid of the extra pounds around your waist. Soluble fibers are found in foods like oatmeal and apples, both of which can help you feel full for longer. You should also focus on getting enough lean protein in your diet to help build muscle and burn fat faster. Foods like fish, poultry, eggs and beans are all great sources of lean protein that can assist with weight loss goals.

Additionally, piling your plate with plenty of healthy veggies is another key tip for helping you lose fat around your midsection. Eating leafy greens such as spinach and kale will provide the body with vitamins and minerals while keeping calories low so that you can still shed some unwanted belly fat.

Foods to Avoid

If you want to get rid of belly fat, the first thing you need to do is avoid certain types of food. One of the main culprits of belly fat are white bread and other refined carbohydrates. It’s important to know that these carbs can be found in almost all processed foods such as donuts, cookies and even crackers. They are also hidden in a lot of sauces, packaged snacks and other convenience foods!

Another type of food that should be avoided when trying to lose belly fat is sugary beverages like soda or juice. These drinks contain fructose which is highly converted into stored body fat around the midsection area. In addition to steering clear of these drinks high in sugar content it’s also important to limit your consumption of artificial sweeteners as well. Studies show that these may increase your cravings for sweet snacks by activating the reward centers in your brain and leading to overeating.

Types of Exercise to lose Belly Fat 

If you’re looking to lose belly fat and keep a healthy weight, then a combination of core exercises and cardio workouts is key. Core exercises are critical for targeting the underlying muscles that support your abdominal wall and back. The best way to do this is by doing exercises like planks or bicycle crunches that target the transverse abdominal muscle (TA), which runs along the sides of your torso up to your ribs. Kettlebell swings are also great for building up core strength and agility.

Cardiovascular exercise or any aerobic exercise is important for losing belly fat as it helps burn stored fat (fatty acids) in the body. Try incorporating high-intensity interval training (HIIT) into your routine for even better results on shedding those pounds around your midsection. HIIT consists of alternating between bursts of intense energy output with rest periods so you’ll really get your heart rate elevated! Other activities such as running, swimming, and cycling can also be part of a way to shed those extra pounds and move towards a successful weight loss goal!

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Before diving into what I have done lets start with some basic principles that you will need to follow if your serious about losing belly fat:

Basic Principles To Lose Weight

  • Determination to lose weight and belly fat. Watch your caloric intake. 
  • Mindset change that you will eat healthier Foods. Stay away from junk foods and sugary drinks.
  • Weighing yourself regularly to ensure you are controlling your food intake or increasing your caloric burn rate
  • Regular exercise for at least 30 mins a day to burn off extra calories. You can start by joining the iFIT team and choose from a large selection of workouts from beginners to professionals or start walking, hiking, and dancing. Whatever you can do but start moving.
  • You can use a Dietician to help guide you in the process when starting a diet weight plan to lose belly fat or when you feel you are not progressing any longer.

Proven Belly Fat Programs I Follow On iFIT

My belly fat loss program begins with a consistent iFIT membership exercise plan. The iFit membership gives you access to the best health-fitt coaches and exercise programs worldwide.

My calories burn rate week of 11-26-22

If you are not familiar with iFit, you should. iFIT is an app that can be used in your home gym. You can leverage iFIT through your smartphone, smart TV, or selected equipment like NordicTrack. It allows users to stream online-demand workouts and fitness programs like weight training, cardio, yoga, and much more. I was introduced to iFIT through the NordicTrack treadmill my wife bought as a Christmas present. It came with a one-year subscription for the whole family.

Once I started to train with the experts that the iFIT app provide it put me on the right track to lose weight and belly fat.

If your looking to try an online streaming health and fitness app, look no more and sign up for a free trial now. Check out the iFIT free trial

Following the iFIT Workout routine consistently is how I lost belly fat.

Below is the iFit running routine I did for this week. As you can see, even though I had a setbacks, I kept it going five days a week.

iFIT Running Program:

Running Stats for the week of 11-26-22
  • Running through a picturesque town, SCHWANGAU, GERMANY, visiting two of the most iconic castles in the world. iFIT Trainer Casey Gilbert will coach you through 1-minute pushes and recovery
  • Next up Mescal Trail Interval Run in Sedona, Arizona. Rise up to this HIIT challenge with iFIT Trainer Dewayne Montgomery. He’ll coach you through 8 intervals that are 2 minutes long with 1-minute recoveries in between. You’ll feel a gradual incline as you journey through the Arizona desert and take in the beautiful views!
  • Followed by MAASAI MARA NATIONAL PARK INTERVAL RUN, KENYA. We ran through grassy plains and rolling hills with iFIT Trainer Knox Robinson! Push through these intervals while you take in the natural beauty of the Maasai Mara National Park. Keep an eye out for any animals you might pass!
  • Fourth up was a jog on PASOCHOA TRAIL, QUITO, ECUADOR. This was a recovery jog with iFIT Trainer AnaMaria in this gentle walk-jog workout! Alternate between jogging and walking before finishing strong with a power walk. Learn about the power of positivity as you take in the beautiful mountain scenery and navigate the undulating terrain of Ecuador’s mountains!
  • Lastly a recovery run in PIEDMONT PARK, ATLANTA, GEORGIA. I joined Olympic Gold Medalist and iFIT Trainer Sanya Richards-Ross for this 30-minute recovery run! Maintain a gentle pace as Sanya speaks about injuries, recovery, nutrition, sleep, and hydration. Sanya will share some of her favorite recovery tips and provide insight into how she recovers.

Science behind losing Belly Fat

I train 30 minutes 4 to 6 days a week using the iFIT app. 30 mins is what I need to keep my eating habits in check and burn calories to level out my caloric intake. The science behind losing weight is to reduce your caloric intake without starving yourself, so your body burns fat. Depending on where you start losing belly fat is a process that takes time, so it is essential to have the plan to follow.

The critical step is to start your program:

Find A Weight Loss Program That’s Right For you

You can find a weight loss plan that includes some exercise you are comfortable with. To lose weight, you need to follow a program that will help you relearn the essential food groups to eat that will help reduce the number of calories you eat versus what you burn throughout the day. To help you get started, check out my post: How to lose weight without starving and ifit-uzbekistan-challenge

Under stand the amount of calories you will burn in the week

Start tracking your meals and understand the calories that are associated with your food groups. STAY AWAY From Process Foods they are designed to make you want to eat more and are very bad for you. Check out my post: Ultra Process Foods Linked to Cancer

Review the amount of calories you will eat per day per week

if your burning more calories you are eating you will lose weight and belly fat

Losing Belly Fat Is A Long Process

According to Women’s Health, most men will lose weight from the belly first, while women will experience weight loss in general areas of the body. This is mainly do to genetics. When your body burns fat, it starts with fat stored around organs like the liver and kidneys. Once your body burns fat around the organs, it then burns fat around the waist (Belly Fat) and thighs.

How long does it take to lose twenty pounds?

The science behind how many calories to lose weight

The answer is different for us all. What is essential to know and understand is that, According to NIH, a scientist in 1958 named Max Wishnofsky figured out that one pound of fat equals 3,500 calories. If you keep that in mind, you can start setting goals on how many calories to burn in a week or month to reach your weight loss and belly fat goals. But please be sure you understand it’s a life-changing event to keep the weight off. It goes back to my basic principles of losing weight and being consistent on living a healthy lifestyle

Here’s a great video from Dr.Nuesse that discusses determining how much body fat a person can lose in a day. Is losing 1 pound per day possible?

The Study – https://pubmed.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/15615…

Wrap Up

In conclusion, getting rid of belly fat was more challenging after processed food came into our lives. However, with a few simple changes to your diet and lifestyle, you can reach a flat stomach you’ve always dreamed of. Remember that the best way to navigate your journey is by taking things one step at a time. Don’t be too hard on yourself either; it’s okay if you slip up now and then. Just follow these tips, and soon enough, your gut will become tight, toned, and healthier than ever!

As you can see now there are many diet weight plans to choose from. The trick is to find one that you can stick with to make it part of your life style everyday.

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Since dropping 40 lbs, I am a fitness enthusiast who understands what it takes to keep the weight off. So I started writing about my fitness journey and find interesting topics to share about health, fitness, Investing, and trending topics. Thanks to you all who have inspired me to take my first step to good health.

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